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Businesscardusb.com is a design firm associated with Maadesigns, and which always believes in “some thing new”. Our innovative style led us to explore a lot of new things in the arena of advertisement designing. Since it is the times which can translate “time as money”, a lot of companies are there in the race of delivering their services more quickly and easily. Also they are in search of new types of technological advancements. Get noticed by people are also a significant factor that add essence to your company’s success. USB Card for business, gains relevance in such a scenario. To make out your wishes of exposure more simple, we the businesscardusb.com provides you with business cards of your dreams. We produce USB business cards which are a mixture of style and functional advantage. Find more about PrintLion Printing Company

What we, the Businesscardusb.com can bring for you……

  • Be an attraction among the crowd in the next promotional activity. Stand apart from the crowd to be counted on top of the listings.
  • Boost up the company’s brand name with special effects of USB
  • Stay with your customer’s card holder for a long time even after your competitor’s traditional paper card..
  • Unlike the traditional business card, you can reuse it by changing the data in it.
  • It has very good file storage, from 64MB to 32 GB.
  • Store Logo, video, power point presentation, websites, flash presentations, product galleries, user manuals etc in it.
  • Customize your business promotional activities with a personal touch.
  • Make your customer more comfortable with a USB business card having the same size and shape of a traditional paper card.
  • All these benefits in a fast delivery and also in an affordable price.

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